Saxbi is now beta testing

Well, there are a couple of reasons I don’t post here as frequently as I used to. The big one, and the one I am not ashamed to say has taken the bulk of my time, is to do development on Saxbi. When I first held an iPad in my hands, a little over a year ago (thanks Jill!), I knew it was the perfect platform for designing the Essbase app that *I* would want to use. So I set about creating an app to do exactly that.

Prior to developing Saxbi, the biggest app that I had ever singlehandedly written was probably a dozen classes and a few thousand lines of code. I never would have imagined that scarcely over a year after deciding to write my own Hyperion-related app, I would emerge with a beautiful app, a robust and flexible server for that app to talk to, a simple to use management utility, a robust RESTful API, a set of XML schemas to describe everything, and a business named after a book character that is named after a flower. And yet, here I am.

Saxbi works great in the lab but now I am looking for testing and feedback from everyone else. If you would like to help test Saxbi (and in turn receive a free Saxbi license!), please hop over to Saxifrage Systems, check things out, and send a message to get all setup!