Gadget Review: The Jiggler

So, theoretically speaking, let’s say you are doing some work for a client and they give you one of their laptops. Said client is super secure and employs all of the latest and greatest tricks and tips to minimize their risk. And one of those security techniques is to auto lock the laptop after a certain number of minutes of no input. And this setting can’t be changed (because that’s locked down too). And you are working between that laptop and another laptop (say, a nice MacBook Pro…). What to do? Well, hypothetically speaking, you could plugin a little device to pretend your mouse is jiggling. In fact, it might even be called the Jiggler. Yeah, this might do the trick… just saying.

OAUG Collaborate 2014 is a wrap

I went to my first OAUG Collaborate last week. To date I have almost entirely been a Kscope person. Kscope definitely has a much larger Hyperion presence/footprint, but there’s a little bit of Hyperion at Collaborate. Nicely enough, my favorite Hyperion consulting firm had a booth on the main floor.

I was at Collaborate in a mostly non-Hyperion capacity, however. I gave my presentation on Oracle Data Integrator that is a case study/success story of refactoring a lot of boilerplate, hard-to-maintain, and buggy code into clean ODI packages. I expanded the presentation from when I gave it at NWOUG last year. It now includes a screenshot of ODI Studio for each piece of ODI functionality I talk about, then towards the end I have broken down a SQL to SQL Oracle interface with journalization so we can see exactly how ODI accomplishes this particular job in such an awesome way. It’s a bit of a deep dive but when the audience is full of SQL experts I think it makes sense. The presentation clocks in at almost exactly an hour now so I think I’m going to find some ways to trim it and polish it a little bit.

With Collaborate under my belt, this now makes the list of unique conferences I have presented at three items long: Kscope, NWOUG, and Collaborate. Not too shabby.

Thanks to all those that attended – there were many more people that I possibly would have thought (although I suspect few if any of you read this blog… :)