Winter Update

It has been a busy fourth quarter, to put it mildly. As luck would have it, I have found myself on this Saturday with a few minutes on my hands and thought I would do a quick post.

I’m doing a lot of work in ODI, Essbase automation, and some fun things involving the intersection of mobile, the cloud, and Essbase. So it’s exciting times as always. Earlier in November I did a presentation in Portland at NWOUG (Northwest Oracle User Group) on an ODI success story. I’ll also be giving that presentation in Las Vegas next year for OAUG, and just to get even more mileage out of it I will be presenting it at next year’s Kscope, by ODTUG. Man, I am getting some serious mileage out of this thing. I keep refining it and making it a little bit better each time. The way it’s currently structured, it’s more of a business-friendly approach why ODI is so awesome, but I’d like to make it more technical, so by the time Kscope rolls around I will have hopefully morphed it into a nice blend of high-level and low-level information.

Speaking of Kscope, another abstract of mine was accepted. It’s ostensibly my Practical Essbase Web Services presentation from last year, but refined a bit. The number one feedback I got from last year’s presentation was that a live demo would have been good. Well, you asked and you shall receive. Next year’s presentation will have a live demo (probably on a local VM but I may have a few other tricks up my sleeve).

That’s kind of what I’ve been up to. Oh, and along the way in my spare time I accidentally created an ad hoc app on the iPad for Essbase. So, there’s that too.