Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to implement drill-through from Smart View, Hyperion Planning, and Financial Reporting to your relational data? It would be! Drillbridge is a free drop-in solution for implementing drill-through with Essbase. It is a web service that integrates seamlessly with Essbase’s built-in drill-through definitions and allows you to easily and quickly map from Essbase data points to corresponding data in a relational database.

Drillbridge has powerful features for implementing drill-through quickly and easily, including:

  • Simple service installation (a single command installs the service)
  • Out-of-the-box support for drilling to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL
  • Additional relational database targets are supported simply by adding a JDBC driver
  • Flexible and robust mapping options for translating from members in an outline to column data values in relational, such as months to numbers, stripping prefixes, suffixes, and more
  • Server-side pageable result sets
  • Custom HTML formatting to match your company’s theme
  • Download drill-through data to Excel with a single button click
  • Drill from upper: drill on upper level members and have Drillbridge scan the outline for descendants of that member, then apply mappings
  • Enhanced security: session pinning allows for locking the user to just the point of view they drilled from and prevents creative users from getting in to data they shouldn’t have access to

Drillbridge is a free product offered by Saxifrage Systems LLC, which offers a software maintenance agreement for enterprises that need support. More info on Drillbridge can be found on the Drillbridge info page.

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