Hyperpipe is a simple command-line Java program that can be used to fetch data from a SQL database using given credentials, driver, and query and then pipe the data directly into a Hyperion Essbase cube without using a load rule.

This program was born based on a comment from Cameron Lackpour regarding a separate one-off project of mine called Column Transformer. In a nutshell, Column Transformer was me playing around with an object-oriented approach to implementing a set of transformations to a columnar row-based data source. In short, it’s an attempt to be able to process a data file in the same way that an Essbase load rule does. Cameron’s comment was basically “Hey, why not load data directly to Essbase?”

So after a couple days of hacking, Hyperpipe was born. This was all good timing for another reason as I had long had on my list of possible side projects to do a program based around possibly piping data directly into Essbase from the command-line (sans MaxL — think more along the lines of a Unix command).

Hyperpipe is licensed under the Apache software license — a very business friendly open source license.

Please check out the Hyperpipe Github page for more information and to download.