Normalize a fact table for a better EIS model

Generally I don’t load data through EIS because quite honestly, I fudged some of the EIS models when I first made them and now I’m pretty much married to them.  They are perfect for loading the outlines, but not data.  Earlier this week I was playing around with one of my newer models, trying to keep it ‘clean’ as it were, and after playing around with it, I got it set just right so the default SQL (quite a gnarly little query, really), much to my amazement, loaded exactly the data it needs from the fact table.  The one major thing I have had to tweak is the format of the fact table.  Upstream stores 3 facts in the table: for each period/location/account we store the value for the current year, prior year, and the budget value.  What I do is kind of normalize the data with a SQL script that takes all that data and puts it into a different table that has a year (YR) field and a scenario type.  This way in the EIS model, I can link this modified fact table cleanly to TIME, YEARS, SCENARIO, LOCATION, and possibly DEPARTMENTS.  It works quite nice!

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