Automate that old cube archive process!

Your server may have dozens or even hundreds of cubes on it.  A common strategy with a large and slowly changing Measures dimension (or some other dimension like Product) is to spin off a copy of the cube after a certain time period, typically the fiscal year end.  There are a number of different reasons that you might do this.  First, the cube may simply focus on Current Year and Prior Year, or a fixed number of years and scenarios such that the cube becomes too unwieldy when you start adding more.  Second, if you need to be able to go back and pull a report so that it looks exactly how it did in a certain fiscal year, then you may need to spin off the cube.  Depending on how many cubes you end up spinning off for each fiscal year, it may be necessary to go and clean them up at some point, but you might still want to keep them around, just in case.  You can do this by hand by stopping the app, zipping up the app folder and all its contents, and deleting the app from within EAS.

Here is an example of a batch file you could use on Windows.  This relies on the free 7-Zip package being installed somewhere.  The nice thing about this approach is that while it uses MaxL, it doesn’t actually have any MaxL files — it just injects the MaxL command via the command-line.  Edit the variables for your setup, and you’re on your way.  It’s not pretty but it’s nice if you have to go cleanup a bunch of apps!  Happy cubing — Jason. [download zip of the following batch file]

@echo off

SET USER=adminuser
SET PW=adminuserpw
SET SERVER=essbaseserver
SET APPPATH=D:\Essbase\App
SET ZIP="7zp\App\7-Zip\7z.exe"

@echo -------------------------------------------
@echo This is the cube archiver utility...
@echo Looking for App %1 ...


@echo I found it at %APPPATH%\%1 ...
@echo Attempting to stop the app...

REM essmsh -l %USER% -p %PW% -s %SERVER% StopCube.msh %1

echo alter system unload application %1; | essmsh -s %SERVER% -l %USER% %PW% -i

@echo Archiving the app ...

%ZIP% a -tzip %APPPATH%\%1


choice /M "Okay to delete app %1"


echo alter application %1 enable startup; | essmsh -s %SERVER% -l %USER% %PW% -i
echo drop application %1 cascade force; | essmsh -s %SERVER% -l %USER% %PW% -i



@echo I could not find that app at %APPPATH%\%1 !!!


2 thoughts on “Automate that old cube archive process!

  1. Hi Jason, I am planning to write an automation script which will check the server performance, cube performance and send an alert in case database stats/server stats are approaching issue, like a. disk space b. cache size etc.
    Could you pls suggest what all stats I can chk for cube/server performance!

    • Hi Ronald,

      I thought I responded to this but it doesn’t look like I did. So my mistake, it seems. Regarding things to check in the cube, it’s kind of tough, I think. Definitely the server space is an issue to keep an eye on, either through a custom solution or something more robust like Nagios. For a BSO cube you might keep an eye on the average clustering ratio (if it drops too low), the block density (if it drops low, although this one is probably less actionable…). You might also try to find a way to keep an eye on the size of the .pag files and set your own threshold for when you think a “reload” might be needed – export all data and reload it.

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