Lots of little things: blogging, ODTUG, and Essbase

No updates for awhile — last quarter was brutal in terms of balance work, school, and life.  I managed to make it through, though, and I am only taking one class this quarter, which should leave more time for everything else.

I think I mentioned it already, but I just received the ODTUG program for June and it has both of my presentations listed on it.  The list of presentations this year for Essbase is absolutely astounding, and there is a ton of great content in store.  I know times are tough for a lot of companies out there, but if you can convince your company to send you to ODTUG, I am sure the investment will be repaid many times over.

In other news, I am doing some testing with 64-bit Essbase now on one of my machines.  I downloaded all of the files the other day, and sure enough as I logged in today it appears that there has been a new release of the files, version  So I’m re-downloading everything again and preparing to install to see how things look, and test for compatibility with other systems.  I will be using Tim Tow’s excellent installation tutorial as a starting point but will be following a slightly different install process.  If there’s interest in a detailed install instruction set for 64-bit Essbase on Windows Server 2008, I could work them up into something more official.

Lastly, thanks for all the nice comments that many of you have emailed me in the last few months.  I’ve been trying to reply to everyone but I think I lost a couple somewhere along the way, so if I forgot to respond to you, I apologize, and feel free to hit me up again and I’ll do my best.  I should have some more time to be writing some blog articles now, and I have a few in the works already, so stay tuned.

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