Kscope13 Day 1 – General Thoughts

Kscope13 Day 1 is in the books, or at least, almost in the books. I am positively beat after attending sessions, eating great food, networking, tweeting, and so on. My style for these Kscope recaps has been to focus less on summarizing the the content of them and instead try to think about the content with respect to how I see it fitting into a broader context.

But before all that I just want to shill for thank and recognize ODTUG for a moment. This is actually only my third ODTUG: I came in 2008 (also in New Orleans). I have been absent for several of the intervening ODTUGs, owing to various reasons – but it feels very, very good to be back. These people seriously know how to put on a conference and they just simply get better each year. This conference is incredibly well organized, well executed, and relevant. If you’ve ever been to an event where everything felt like a cluster, you didn’t know where to go, and there was mass confusion, then imagine the opposite of that.

Additionally, ODTUG has a well earned and well deserved reputation for having good food. We are only one day in and I am not disappointed in the least. I am not much of a sweets person but I couldn’t resist the giant, soft, delicious cookies that showed up after lunch. I am going to have to find some time to workout so I don’t come back heavier than when I left. My only complaint about the whole trip so far is that I couldn’t find a direct flight here from Seattle.

The Hyperion/Essbase content at Kscope has grown tremendously. What started out as a sidetrack of sessions that felt bolted on has blossomed into a vibrant and sizable content track. Hyperion is also quite well represented in the exhibitors hall.

I have, surprisingly, bumped into a fair number of people that admit to reading my blog. My typical retort is “So, you’re the one!” What started out as me just wanting to document some of my own issues (for my own future reference, and others if Google turned it up for them) has turned into a somewhat whimsical and almost therapeutic outlet. I seem to be a little feast or famine with the articles, depending on how heads down I am on mobile development and other goodies, but I’m on a good run right now and having some fun with it. So hang around and you might read something useful one of these days. *wink*

Kscope is off to an awesome start. Check back shortly for my thoughts on the actual content.


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