Thoughts on my Kscope Session ‘Practical Essbase Web Services’

My session went alright. I asked the audience to please be gentle on account of my first time presenting the deck and the material. They were quite gentle. I’d like to give a big huge shout out to my favoritest Essbase peeps in the world on Team Kroger for all coming and cheering me on.

My big takeaway from the audience was that a demo would have been helpful. Duly noted. I didn’t think there’d be time but the session actually came in a bit under time so there’s definitely a way to retool it and include a demo with real code and a real working example. So if I run this deck again I’ll be sure to incorporate that.

Many people were also very thankful for my apparent candor about the technology. I start off with a high-level overview of the available technologies for practically getting data out of of Essbase and come to the conclusion that while Essbase Web Services have a use case, it’s not one that I will personally be likely to use. This is largely due to my large investment in the infrastructure for Saxbi Server, which is based on the Essbase Java API.

One of my more recent thoughts about EWS is that it’s probably something that is largely intended to be used internally by Oracle and was something they knew they could clean up a bit and toss over the fence for other people to leverage. As I mentioned in the presentation, I hit some bumps in my research and will hope to see them cleaned up in future releases. Now that I have names with faces of a few more Oracle folks from the conference I’ll be looking forward to providing actual feedback to them instead of just bitching writing about it on my blog.

Anyway, as promised, here is the presentation for those of you that want to skim it. The bullets might be too high-level to be incredibly insightful but if you have any questions please feel free to mail me! I am happy to help and for extensive development needs I am available to consult through my firm.  I have some related code I will clean up and get into a GitHun repository as time permits.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on my Kscope Session ‘Practical Essbase Web Services’

  1. Jason, thanks for sharing, seems interesting but where to start when you never dealt with webservices development? WSDL/Proxy, Jason… I don’t know about thisn maybe could you recommend a good site/tutorial/book about webservices architecture and webservices development?

    Many thanks

    • I meant WSDL/Proxy, JSON (o:

      • Since I used C# for the demonstration and research I will likely post some code in C# so that people can play with it. As for a starting point I’m not sure… doing anything with EWS is ostensibly going to be programming related step one is a good programming book, perhaps. :)

        Aren’t you more of the Python persuasion? What’s your favorite language? If time permits perhaps I can write code in something a little different just for fun.

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