Cool Hyperion Infographic

Just a quick post for this beautiful Monday. A colleague of mine, Daniel Poon, has put together a really cool Hyperion infographic showing the development of Essbase over the last 23 years. The timeline lays out when various versions came out and what the major features of the time were.

It’s especially cool for me to see since I am a relative Hyperion/Essbase “newbie”, having started working with it in 2005. At the time I was taking care of a few cubes on a server that had just been upgraded to Essbase 6.5.1. My server hardware was something of a corporate “hand me down” and sported quad 200 megahertz CPUs. Yes, that’s 200 megahertz, not 2000. Sometimes you didn’t know if a calc was just taking a long time (but still working) or had just completely run off the rail. Of course, I know many of you out there have been at this much longer than I have and will have stories about your even more quaint-by-today’s-standards hardware – and I’d love to hear about your first Hyperion server in the comments.

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