EIS, IES, and things that make you go hmm…

This will be another one of those “fun” posts that I get to occasionally do. Every now and then I check out the web traffic stats for this blog and other online endeavors and take a look at who is coming and how they are getting here.

I wrote an article years ago about my experiences with EIS (Essbase Integration Services). It has turned out, hit-wise, to be pretty popular. There’s just not a lot of information about this wonderful little tool out there.

So, naturally one of the search terms for those looking up information on EIS is either Essbase Integration Services or just EIS. Curiously, though, one of the major traffic contributors to the EIS page is actually from people typing in “Boobeis” (presumably a misspelling of “Boobies”). When searching on the former, Google seems to helpfully break up the search term into constituent parts Boob + eis and suggest my site as a result.

So, yeah. According to Google, my EIS posts get two types of visitors: those looking for information on how to build a cube from a database schema and those wanting to see naked females. Hopefully those two demographics don’t overlap… at least during work hours.

3 thoughts on “EIS, IES, and things that make you go hmm…

  1. ha ha ha, can’t imagine the frustration of the second category.

    • As an additional bonus, this is probably the only time in my life where a Venn diagram of the two primary demographics looks like the thing that one of them is searching for.

  2. Easily, the funniest blog post that I’ve read in awhile! :)

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