Small site updates (HTTPS!) and other tidbits

Now that I have been and am planning to post a lot more, I have found myself writing articles from the occasional airport waiting area. I haven’t been a big fan of logging in to the site admin area over unencrypted connections, so I have endeavored over the last week to install an SSL certificate, adjust the theme to be protocol relative, and move to a dedicated IP as necessitated by the SSL certificate installation.

Jason’s Hyperion Blog Available Using HTTPS

That all being said, not that it’ll affect too many people out there, but jason’s hyperion blog is now accessible over HTTPS. I think most people are using RSS readers so this won’t matter but if you have a bookmark set and want to be just a little more secure (not that I’m asking for any banking info), then you’re all set.

New Links Section

I am endeavoring to compile a nice list of links to Hyperion blogs, discussion forums (all two of them), and documentation so that I have a nice central place to refer to things. I have a raft of Hyperion blog links to add in still (keep them coming!) but if you have a cool resource to link to such as a blog of yours or one you know of, utility, or documentation, I’d love to have it and add it to the list.

Site5 Continues to be Awesome

I have been hosting this site and others with Site5 for almost a decade. I have resisted moving to one of my other servers because these people are completely awesome with support, uptime, and keeping things nice and updated. I was not surprised when they helped get a new SSL cert up and running and switched things over for me without a glitch. If you need good hosting then I highly recommend them.

Happy 4th of July!

And to all of you folks not in America – Happy 4th of July and have a great Wednesday!

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