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Configuring Grids

Now that we’re up and running with our cubeSavvy installation, it’s time to configure some grids. Grids ostensibly serve the same purpose as forms in Planning: they are configurable comprehensions of the dimensionality of a given outline. As with Planning, cubeSavvy supports defining the POV, page dimensions, and the rows/columns. These are all based on a single member (such as the POV) or on a list of members (possibly with a selection to include their descendants, children, and so on). Check out this grid definition screen:

cubeSavvy defining a grid

cubeSavvy defining a grid

We can easily drag and drop members from the dimensions to the proper “slot”. Those of you familiar with Planning will be comfortable with this. We can dive deeper on a particular node in the configuration to define which members and children of members to include:

cubeSavvy member selection

cubeSavvy member selection

All in all, the grid definition and member configuration process is pretty smooth. Along with defining the grid, we can also define a calc to run when the grid is submitted/saved by a user. Again, this is pretty standard fare for those familiar with Planning. It’s typical to need to aggregate some values up after the user hits submit, or perform some other calculation.

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7 thoughts on “cubeSavvy Review

  1. Jason,

    Excellent article. I had never heard of cubeSavvy but will now check it out.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Have you ever tried using Dodeca for budgeting instead of Planning? Just curious.


    • Yes I have used Dodeca – in fact, I rolled out one of the earliest and largest (at that point) Dodeca deployments several years ago! I am going to do a long blog series on Dodeca as soon as possible. As I said, I am working through the third-party Hyperion ecosystem this year and next on the list is something quite interesting, followed by Dodeca. Stay tuned. :D

  2. Jason,

    Two things I didn’t see:
    1) How is dimensional security in grids represented? Does it follow the user’s username and so metaread filters would suffice or does cubeSavvy use a “ghost user” to do logins and handles security some other way?
    2) Is there any way to pass grid POV, page, row, and column settings to some kind of calc script execution stage? I am thinking either the way Planning forms work with business rules (not bad, but could use some real improvement in the row and column area) or the way tokens work in Dodeca (even better because if you set the views up just right you can drive aggregations in BSO with row and column information).

    Otherwise a very intriguing product.


    Cameron Lackpour

  3. […] you come up for air next week. It has been a busy week on my end, what with doing a fairly deep cubeSavvy review, building elegant/robust/awesome solutions for clients, polishing up open source Essbase […]

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