SeaHUG officially off and running

Hi all, the Seattle Hyperion User Group is officially up and running! More details to come but right now we are rounding up all the various Seattle and Greater Seattle Hyperion folks from all of the various nooks and crannies. Since not EVERYONE reads this blog (but should), if you are in Seattle or have some colleagues in Seattle that might be interested, will you please let them know about SeaHUG?

One thought on “SeaHUG officially off and running

  1. byc moze byly to ostatnie slowa przed atakiem na samolotktory wlasnie wyladowal i na cos czekal…gdyz inaczej powiedzialaby z pewnoscia:zaraz bedziemy ladowac ?albo wlasnie wyladowalismy ?to tylko spekulacje,ale byc moze ostatnie slowa tych ludzi przejda potem do historiiwarto je zapamietac

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