Drillbridge 1.3.0 available!

Drillbridge 1.3.0 was quietly released last week, actually, and YOU’D KNOW ALREADY if you were on the Saxifrage Systems LLC Tools mailing list and got to be part of the cool kids club already (seriously, it’s non-spammy. Please take a second to add your email address).

This release contains new features and fixes, including new smart formatting features, result paging, custom stylesheets, enhanced security options, better error handling/messages, easier deployments, and more. In fact, this software is so awesome now that I’m going to use it for a webinar in just two short months where your humble blogger/programmer/cube nerd will install, configure, and deploy Drillbridge in 10 minutes or less (!).

Oh, and did I mention that the reference guide is now a 40-page beautifully typeset PDF full of detailed information and examples? Well, it is.

As always, Drillbridge can be found in the Saxifrage Systems download section. If you need support, please email or better yet, head over to the support forums. I monitor those like a hawk so it’s just as good as email.

Speaking of support, there are still a couple of little issues I am addressing and polishing up, so version 1.3.1 is underway. If you instill 1.3.0, however, 1.3.1 will be a drop-in upgrade, so don’t let that hold you back. Overall the Drillbridge codebase has really settled down and is holding up very, very well. I don’t anticipate any major new features for a bit which means that further releases are just going to be polish and small enhancements (gotta get things dialed in for the webinar on October 28th!).

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