Good things coming in Drillbridge 1.3.0

I had originally been planning just a few fixes and tweaks for the next point release of Drillbridge which was to be 1.0.3. But after adding quite a handful of new and improved features, I have decided to bump the version more significantly. I’m happy to say that everything I’m about to describe is fully implemented and just undergoing some documentation and testing on my part. It’s going to be a super cool release, hence bumping the version up a bit more.

Of particular note, the following features have gone in:

  1. Paging and results per page settings
  2. Faster Essbase outline queries and a new outline caching mechanism
  3. Smart Formatting option for locale-specific formatting of dates and numbers (French, German, and Russian users rejoice!)
  4. Row limit and query timeout settings available on reports
  5. Global CSS formatting, report-specific CSS, header, and footer
  6. Documentation improvements and more examples
  7. Tons and tons of small improvements and fixes (too many to enumerate here but full notes will be in the changelog)

I’m going to try and get 1.3.0 wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to try it early, let me know and I’ll send a build your way. After this release there’s just one major feature left that I think this product needs, then it should be a matter of bug fixes and minor improvements from there will I pivot to my next big project.

Over the coming days prior to an official release, I’ll be posting a series on some of the new features that are coming up, so┬áplease feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments and I’ll be sure to address it in the blog!

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