Drillbridge drill-to-bottom token parentheses note

Just a quick note on the syntax for Drillbridge tokens that use drillToBottom. One of the more compelling Drillbridge features is the ability to “drill to bottom”. What this means is that a user can drill on an upper-level member such as “Quarter 1”, then Drillbridge will open up the outline, get the level-0 descendants, transform them according to the token expression, and then replace the whole token with the list of members combined into a string.

The string that Drillbridge generates in this case is almost always used in a SQL “IN” clause, like this:

SELECT * FROM Transactions WHERE Month IN ('01', '02', '03')

In this case, the tokens ’01’, ’02’, and ’03’ were perhaps generated because they were transformed with the #monthToTwoDigits function and processed the member names that are the children of Quarter 1 (“Jan”, “Feb”, “Mar”).

Earlier versions of Drillbridge required you to supply the starting an ending parentheses, such that your query text looked something like this:

SELECT * FROM Transactions WHERE Month IN ({{token definition}})

This changed back around version 1.5.0, however. Now Drillbridge by default will supply the starting and ending parentheses. This change was made to accommodate a few use cases where for performance reasons you might need or want to generate the query a little bit differently (such as using a sub-select or something fancy).

Given that current and future versions of Drillbridge supply these parentheses, you would instead write the query before more like this:

SELECT * FROM Transactions WHERE Month IN {{token definition}}

If you really want to supply the parentheses yourself for some reason, you can set the “suppressParentheses” parameter on your token to “true” and Drillbridge won’t supply them – meaning that you will write the query more like the first style. While I’m on the subject, also note that by default, Drillbridge surrounds your member values with single quotes (see the first example in this post where 01, 02, and 03 are all surrounded by single quotes). You can also turn this off if you need to (for example, if the items in the IN clause must be numeric) by setting the “quoteMembers” token parameter to false.

2 thoughts on “Drillbridge drill-to-bottom token parentheses note

  1. Jason,

    I’m having some issues with the suppressParentheses option. It continues to give me a syntax error. I am using the latest version of Drillbridge. Any ideas?

    [PERIOD] IN(SELECT [PERIOD] FROM(VALUES {{“name”:”Period”,”expression”:”#monthAbbreviationToDigit(#Period)”,”drillToBottom”:”true”,”sampleValue”:”Q2″,”quoteMembers”:”false”,”suppressParentheses”:”true”}}) AS T([PERIOD]))

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