Kscope15 Presentation Preview: Drillbridge

I am very pleased to be able to say that I have two presentations at Kscope15. One of my presentations is on Drillbridge, the other presentation is a deep dive on how interfaces work in ODI. I’m going to really have a chance to geek out on both of these, especially the ODI presentation.

As for the Drillbridge presentation, I want to give a brief overview not just of what I am going to cover, but what I hope to accomplish for those in attendance.

This Drillbridge presentation will be an elaboration of my original webinar. I’m going to introduce the attendee to what Drillbridge is and how it works (of course). Then, as with the webinar, I will download and deploy Drillbridge in real-time, showing off just how easy it is to get drill-through up and running. The original webinar had a stated goal of deploying drill-through in 10 minutes or less. Not only was drill-through deployed to a cube in less time (five minutes!), I used the spare time to redeploy drill-through on the same cube but with drill-to-bottom enabled in the Time dimension (and still had some time left over). Yeah, it’s that good.

Since I’ll have more time than the webinar, I’ll also be able to show off the handful of awesome features that have been added in the last year: custom mappings, support for Linux, custom plugins, server-side result paging, smart formatting, drill-from-drill, custom stylesheets, and more.

After the presentation, attendees should have a firm grasp of how Drillbridge works, how it can be used, and how implement drill-through in simple situations. More importantly, they should be heading back to their respective companies excited about how they can now deliver a solid win to their users without breaking the bank or having to re-architect their systems.

There are a lot of great presentations this year, but I hope if you’re interested in drill-through or Drillbridge you will be able to attend!

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