Drillbridge acquired by Applied OLAP

The last few months have been rather hectic (as evidenced by the lack of blog posts, unfortunately), but I am happy to report some exciting news! There are two main things of note:

First, I am now a full-time employee of Applied OLAP. Applied OLAP is one of the biggest and best names in the EPM space, having worked with Essbase for many, many years. Applied OLAP develops and supports the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System (much more to come on this!). Back in my Kroger days I helped roll out one of the earliest Dodeca implementations to what became a very enthusiastic user base and incredibly happy executives. Many of you are just as, if not more familiar, with the Outline Extractor – software that is also maintained by Applied OLAP as a free tool for the benefit of the community.

Second, Applied OLAP has acquired Drillbridge in its entirety. The free edition of Drillbridge will now be available alongside the Essbase Outline Extractor and other tooles that many people are so familiar with. Enterprise licensees will now have their software supported by Applied OLAP. Drillbridge Enterprise has an exciting roadmap and will continue to exist as a standalone product.

That’s the short version for now, many more exciting things to come in the days ahead!

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