Essbasepy updated for Python 3

A huge number of updates and cleanups were put in to the Essbase Python wrapper (essbasepy) recently. These were all made by Github user Kevin (‘nurse’) who updated many sections of code, modernized a number of things, cleaned up comments, and more. The updates look substantial and if you are using Python 3 with this module, absolutely recommended.┬áCheck out the GitHub Essbasepy page for more.

6 thoughts on “Essbasepy updated for Python 3

  1. Hi,
    Could you please let me know the difference between and 9.3.1 versions in Essbase

  2. Do you mean specifically with respect to Essbase or Essbasepy in particular? Regarding Essbasepy, not a lot changed except for introducing some new functionality to make it compatible with the newer versions. Essbase itself had a LOT of things get added, although you could say the core engine of Essbase remains largely the same.

  3. Hi Jason, is there any example for python essbase . I have some issues with the setup

  4. Cristian Saavedra

    Hi Jason, thanks for your post. I didn’t look It in detail your GitHub repository. I have a question is possible to connect to HFM (The Cube, not the database) using python instead of Oracle SmartView Plugin in Excel?

  5. Hi Jason, I have python 64 bit installation and Essbase 32 bit version. When I try to install the latest Essbasepy version, I am getting the error. Is there a way to overcome?

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