So I’m running for the ODTUG Board (Please Vote)

Hi all – I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to lately (there’s a lot going on!) but I do want to write a quick note. I’m running for the ODTUG Board of Directors. You can check out my campaign statement, goals, and short biography over there along with the other fine candidates.

Briefly, I have been involved with ODTUG in one way or another for almost a decade and a half. It’s an organization that I respect and look up to – and I would love the opportunity to bring my energy and skills to the cause of improving this organization even more.

If you are eligible to vote for the ODTUG board (i.e. you are a member in good standing) and believe I would be a good addition to the board, then I ask that you please vote for me. Voting closes soon, so check your inbox for a mail from “association voting” from a week or so ago – it has the instructions and your unique ID to cast your vote.

Thank you!

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