Want to see a Dodeca Excel Add-In demo? Webinar on Tuesday!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 22nd) I am doing a webinar on Applied OLAP’s Dodeca Excel Add-In. The Dodeca Excel Add-In is an Excel plugin that works with Essbase to provide a modern, fast, and streamlined ad hoc experience. The add-in provides a thoughtfully designed native ribbon UI, many convenient UI enhancements, and a VBA compatibility layer that makes it straightforward to convert existing Excel solutions that use the old VBA API.

On the webinar I’m going to talk about why and your organization might want to use the add-in, how it compares to the Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System in terms of functionality, and then do a live demo to show various features off. At the end I’ll take questions from the audience

The webinar is tomorrow November 22nd, 2016 at 9AM PST. You can register here. If you’re interested, please attend!