In case you missed it: Oracle Data Integrator success story webinar

A little while ago I presented a success story using Oracle Data Integrator. The webinar goes over ODI functionality at a high-level, giving a quick tour of the benefits of major functional areas and how they were used to greatly improve and build out the ETL and automation at a high profile client. If you are interested in using ODI in your organization or aren’t sure (but want to know more!) then I strongly encourage you to check it out. ODI is one of my specialization areas now where I have been doing a tremendous amount of work, so I look forward to becoming an expert in this technology and sharing this expertise with others.

Note that this webinar, while technical, is not a deep drive into implementation details. I am planning a followup webinar to very comprehensively look at using ODI as an ETL/automation solution and implementing it with best practices. This will be the webinar to look for if you are more technical and really want to see the ins and outs of how things work and can be architected for robustness, maintainability, and efficiency.