Two of my favorite things together at last: Essbase and reddit

Just quick post today to turn your attention to the new Essbase reddit. For those of you unfamiliar, reddit is a community site for posting and discussing cool, interesting, or whatever links. I’ve had this up for a little while now and have been slowly putting in some links as time allows. A couple of you have stumbled on to it already.

I thought this might be a cool way for us Hyperion bloggers/followers/enthusiasts out new content, discuss Essbase/EPM news, and post relevant links. This is my first time moderating/managing a reddit community. If you want to help out and/or be a moderator, please message me and we can figure it out.

The idea here is not to try and suck away traffic from the technical discussion forums such as OTN and Network 54, but rather to to complement them and our blogs by having a general area for discussion along the lines of “hey, check this out!” and “I wonder what other people have posted?”

For the least part, I’ll try and post something interesting on a regular (if not incredibly frequent basis by reddit standards) to keep things fresh and exciting!

Please enjoy and if you have a cool link to share, send it to /r/essbase!