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Would you like to contribute to open source Hyperion utilities, or maybe just provide ideas for some? There is a small but growing number of third-party tools and utilities available in the Hyperion ecosystem. The most well known is probably the Outline Extractor.

But there are several others Hyperion tools – many written by yours truly. Many of these tools you can find under the Projects section of this website. These include such fun items as a way to generate test data for a cube, a hack for loading Essbase data without a load rule (even from any JDBC source!)a method for generating substitution variables based on time and date, summarizing rejected records from a reject file, and more.

At the moment, all of these tools are written in Java. It’s the language I am strongest with and fits very well within typical enterprise architectures. I am even working on a few more goodies that will be released in the upcoming weeks and months. Generally speaking, most of the utilities I have written are cleaned up versions of tools that I have created during the course of my work that I thought someone else might benefit from.

Once again, I have returned from another awesome Kscope armed with dozens of other ideas for utilities that the greater Hyperion community can benefit from. Many of these ideas are driven by other people expressing a pain point they have or starting off a sentence with something like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?”

That all being said, I just wanted to throw out there to the Hyperion technical community and world at large that if you are interested in helping create these kinds of things to benefit the community, please let me know! If you have your own ideas, I’d love to hear about them. You don’t even have to be a programmer! In fact, if you are a business person (who happens to read this geeky blog), but have an idea for some utility that would benefit Hyperion users and administrators, get that idea out there. There are many ways to help open source projects – testing, documentation, support, marketing, and so on.

Work comes first, of course. Generally speaking these tools and utilities get my attention on an “as possible” basis, so projects, such as they are, are released when they can be. I just want to get a feel for who is out there in the community and interesting in hacking on a few things.



7 thoughts on “Contribute to Open Source Hyperion Utilities and Ideas

  1. You are on *fire*. :)

    This is really fantastic, Jason. Essbase geeks rule!


  2. I’ve something created for OutlineLoad. This was done before came out (I didn’t copy ;) , however Cameron commented on one post in network54 that OutlineLoad might get an interface and that’s when I started making it)

    Still figuring out how to release it (technical problems with the org).

    I’m working on something related to Shared Services User Management (this is on your favorite language :))

    Planning to create another one where you can pull Planning filters and create MetaRead filters (I’m stealing some of Cameron’s idea, hope he won’t mind) this will have an interface where you can select which filters to re-create and will have a schedule option where you can mention which all filters needs to be recreated overnightly


    • Hi Celvin, sounds like some cool stuff.

      I had actually thought of making a GUI to the Outline Load utility where you could check boxes and it would build the command line string for you. Of course the better solution was/is to just make a real GUI for the process. :)

      I’m sorry to see you’re hitting a wall with the org in terms of releasing the code. I am planning a post where I talk about different open source licenses and what I think is the bests for tools in this context, hopefully that will be handy for you.

      What is the benefit of creating the MetaRead filters from the Planning filters?

      • Jason, this one does it. It has check boxes and some are controlled, like if you opt to export a dimension then all other options will be disabled. User will not get confused with all available switches,

        When users login to planning application from Smart View through Essbase connection they will end up seeing all the meta data (which will not be there when you are in Planning). There were repeated requests to make the filters as Metaread instead of read so that the same feature will be there when you use FR, Smart View…. This one is for that

      • That will really help me in releasing the tools that I’m working :) Thanks in advance.

  3. Always looking for geeky projects and knowledge sharing – I’m in.


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