Hyperion Papercut: Cross-server cube copy in EAS doesn’t carry over data

So, this might not be a Hyperion papercut in the sense that I have been having some fun with. And it’s not something that I have even thought was an issue until it came up today. When you copy a cube onto the same server as the source cube, you get a full copy plus all the data. But when you copy the cube to a different server, you get everything excluding the data.

I’ve always assumed this was by design and have taken it as such. I mean, if the source cube is huge you could potentially do some bad things when you copy it to the target server. But wouldn’t it be nice if EAS just provided a checkbox to copy the cube with the data when you are going across servers? Obviously it knows how much space is available since the destination server can provide that information.

Of course, the process for getting over the data isn’t too onerous – you just export the data (raw) and load that up as-is to the target. All things considered, is this really a big deal? Of course not. But if you approach the construction of your software with a craftsmanship mentality, would the design be at least a little different? I think so.

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