Drillbridge weekend update

I am incredibly humbled and impressed with the feedback that Drillbridge is getting already – on a holiday weekend no less! I am very happy to say that Drillbridge has been successfully deployed by someone other than myself – on a different continent no less!

There are a few bits of very early feedback that I will be incorporating soon (in the upcoming 1.0.1 release). Namely the following:

  1. At this time, Drillbridge requires Java 1.6+ to be in the system PATH
  2. Drillbridge runs as a service but is only tested on 64-bit Windows machines
  3. The Microsoft SQL Server JAR file will be updated to the more modern version in 1.0.1
  4. Various bugfixes/adjustments/improvements (of course)
  5. Drill from SmartView only works with Internet Explorer as the default browser. This appears to be a limitation/requirement in how SmartView implements opening a browser. Drilling from Planning should work with any supported browser there but I haven’t had a chance to test yet.

Please feel free to head over to Saxifrage Systems, or if you want a convenient forwarding link you can use a new Drillbridge URL I just picked up. Also, Saxifrage Systems now has forums in case you want to post there. I will do my best to monitor them and be timely with responses.

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