Drillbridge 1.0.1 out the door

Things are a little fast and furious with the Drillbridge software right now. I can’t believe the overwhelming response to this free little tool so far. In the last week alone, Drillbridge has been successfully deployed and by the end of the month it’s looking like Drillbridge will be deployed in an official capacity for a prestigious restaurant chain. Who’d have thought this little proof of concept would turn out to be a nice tool for scratching the drill-through itch that so many organizations have?

Based on the immense, thoughtful, and positive feedback, this release includes fixes/enhancements along the following areas:

  • Update SQL Server JDBC driver to latest version
  • Fix for when query has no parameters in it
  • Notes about Java being required on the PATH
  • Added EULA
  • Query size can now be 4000 characters (was 255)
  • Parsing of payload from SmartView drill operation is now more robust
  • Cleaned up logging to try and reduce clutter a bit
  • Removed several unused/test dependencies, shaving 13MB off download
  • Now includes Oracle driver (thin client)
  • Show examples of JDBC URLs on connection creation screen
  • Note: Essbase Servers and Deployment Specs are still unused/unusable in this release.  Reports need to be deployed manually
  • Upgraded several dependencies to newer versions

As usual, this download is available from the Saxifrage Systems Drillbridge downloads page. Please read the release/upgrade notes and head over to the forums if you have any issues!

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