Daily Drillbridge Update

Lots of exciting things going on in the Drillbridge world! I am putting the finishing touches on my ODTUG webinar that is NEXT WEEK (the 28th!). You can register here or wait for the recording to be released. I’ll put a link on this blog.

The “context path” update in the Drillbridge 1.3.4 beta appears to be working swimmingly – enabling the use of a proxy with Oracle HTTP Server so that Drillbridge can be used on a normal web port and URL of your own choosing, so that’s super cool.

Source Code Metrics

Just for fun, I ran the Drillbridge codebase through a source code analyzer and it is just shy of 5,000 lines of Java, not counting over 1,000 lines of comments. Pretty cool stuff! Believe it or not, Drillbridge started out as a proof of concept with about 3 Java class files (now it’s weighing in with 120 classes).

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  1. Good work on the webinar! I’ll watch it tonight over a few beers *grin*

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