Drillbridge 1.3.4 BETA available

The normal Downloads location now contains a beta of Drillbridge 1.3.4. This release only adds one requested feature: custom context paths. Normally, Drillbridge operates at the root of its web container, such as http://server:9220/admin/reports. This change adds support for putting in an application.properties variable that allows for a custom context path. So instead of the above link, you’d use http://server:9220/drillbridge/admin/reports. Note that the name of the root (in this case drillbridge) can be set to whatever.

If you use this feature you’ll have to edit your drill-through definition (the code that goes into EAS or gets deployed from Drillbridge) by hand, although you were probably doing that anyway if you needed this feature. This feature is simply meant to allow for putting IIS in front of Drillbridge in case you want to do a redirect and offer Drillbridge through your normal web server on port 80.

If you don’t need or want to test this feature, just stick with 1.3.3. The downloads section now clearly indicates that this is a beta.

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