Eclipse tips for you Java folks out there

I know there’s lot of you Java and Essbase folks out there in addition to myself. I’m always interested in ways to use an IDE more effectively. I came across this list of Eclipse annoyances and easy solutions for them earlier today. I am already using some of these but some of them are new to me. So if you want to get your environment dialed in a little bit, check these out. And for you IntelliJ folks… just keep being your normal smug selves. ;-)

Oh, and I’m thinking about doing a small series on “Essential Java for Essbase Developers” or something along those lines. It’d be something like a tutorial series on how to navigate around all of the Java terminology, features, and ecosystem in order to get straight to developing the solutions you want to develop, just a little bit quicker. Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!