Eclipse tips for you Java folks out there

I know there’s lot of you Java and Essbase folks out there in addition to myself. I’m always interested in ways to use an IDE more effectively. I came across this list of Eclipse annoyances and easy solutions for them earlier today. I am already using some of these but some of them are new to me. So if you want to get your environment dialed in a little bit, check these out. And for you IntelliJ folks… just keep being your normal smug selves. ;-)

Oh, and I’m thinking about doing a small series on “Essential Java for Essbase Developers” or something along those lines. It’d be something like a tutorial series on how to navigate around all of the Java terminology, features, and ecosystem in order to get straight to developing the solutions you want to develop, just a little bit quicker. Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!



6 thoughts on “Eclipse tips for you Java folks out there

  1. Jason,

    Your idea sounds great. I would like to learn more about Java.


  2. Well I think (indeed it’s more kinda of fearing…) that the day is comming very soon where Java is a “must have” in any Oracle sphere.
    So, I would like to thank you and look forward to your infos.

  3. When I decided to learn java I started with eclipse which was supposed to be best java ide, but then I discovered netbeans which I find much more user friendly (eg. Jar and package creation made simple) even if not so rich regarding plugins.

    It has been ages (2 years) that I did not code with java so eclipse may evolved since! BTW I regret that .net api were not implemented, but that’s another story ^^!

    • I tried NetBeans years ago for a school project. I didn’t enjoy it. I think the key, really, is picking one and sticking to it. We’re best with the IDE that we get most comfortable with, I think. I have now spent many years in Eclipse, so I can’t say that it’s better than NetBeans/JDeveloper/IDEA, but I can say that I’m much better in it than any of those.

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