Stupid Essbase names for a fish

Happy Monday.

Do you love random, not-quite-Essbase-related posts? Well, I’m going to find a way to relate this to Essbase, believe it or not. I am the proud owner of anĀ AquaFarm. Actually, I’m not sure if proud is quite the right word. I am very enthusiastic about aquaponics, but my current living arrangements don’t quite accommodate my interest. I received an AquaFarm as a gift a while back, which is a very miniature aquaponics setup. The kit has everything you need: the tank, pump, shale rocks, seeds, growing baskets… but no fish. Nicely enough they give you a coupon for a betta fish from Petco. Right now the fish is named Mr. Fish.

Just for fun and to cement my Essbase geek cred, I propose giving the fish an Essbase inspired name. Here are my thoughts so far:

  • Low Block Density
  • Inter-dimensional Irrelevance
  • Unable to Save Custom Views
  • Multiple Retrievals On A Single Sheet

Have your own stupid name for my new fish? I’d love to hear it. :D

10 thoughts on “Stupid Essbase names for a fish

  1. How about ‘Slowly Changing Attribute’?


  2. How about:

    – “Calculating in serial”
    – “Invalid Binary Spreadsheet token”, or ‘token’ for short?

  3. Sean Vandermeulen

    Boil in bag!

  4. I *almost* hate to suggest it but…how about “DBAG”?

  5. 1. TBC

    2. Sample.Basic

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